Founded in 2005 and located in Qingdao by Wholly (China) Marketing Co, Ltd., we founded Bonshin in 2013 aim to provide professional sourcing services for clients and help them to reduce producing expenses. So far, we have built a comprehensive database of high quality suppliers and established a long-term partnership with them. We are capable of supplying any kind of products to our clients, even if it is currently not in our database, based on our capacity and resources, we find it for our clients.


    As a professional sourcing service provider, we have a team of professional engineers with many years of experience in the mechanical and industrial fields. We are able to convert any drawings or samples even if it is only an idea into a product that is meeting the client’s requirements.


    We have two options of product development depending on the inquiries we receive:

    Plastic Injection Molding Companies

    1. Drawing: At first, our engineers analyse the drawing to determine if there is an error in this drawing can be found. Then, the engineer communicates with the client until the client confirms all specifications and parameters and make sure this drawing can be used by the manufacturers.

    2. Sample: Our engineer measures the sample and charts a drawing through measuring the results and sends the drawing back to the client. After the clients’ confirmation, this drawing will be send to manufacturers for quotation.

    According to Bonshin’s standard procedure of quotations, our engineers check over 10 manufacturers for an offer. The next step is that the engineers select the top 3 manufacturers and do factory audit to check their hardware, their work flow and manufacturing process, and discuss the project in detail with the responsible technicians. After coming back, Bonshin sends photos as well as videos including factory inspection reports to the customer. Last but not least, our engineers provide professional recommendations to help clients to choose the most suitable factory.


    When all the details have been confirmed by clients and manufacturers, Bonshin places orders to the selected factory to start producing. During that period, engineers of Bonshin take several inspections:

    a. Sample inspection
    b. First production inspection
    c. Final inspection before delivery
    Our engineers fill in the inspection reports through standard procedure and send them to clients afterwards.


    Once the final production inspection has been done, our logistics staff will arrange a proper method of delivery. Usually, we will choose the safest and the cheapest way if there are no specific instructions or the cargo is needed very quickly. However, if our client has made specifications, we adjust the delivery method and prepare the related documents and cooperate with ports on both sides of the sea to ensure that the products are delivered to our client safely and on time.


    Plastic Injection Molding Companies